Developed and produced in the great State of Florida, Southern Ruckus gets along just fine with pork, beef, chicken, turkey and smoked sausage. It’s a smooth savory blend of natural ingredients with mild spices, and a twang of vinegar. Southern Ruckus adds flavor to soups, stews, Cajun food and Texas round up vittles. Our All Purpose Rub is excellent on brisket, spareribs, pork butts and chicken! People are using it on french fries and other foods too! Keep an eye out for our soon to be released “Bird’s Nest” Rub!

Don’t just sit there.
Get yourself some!
Put a little “ruckus” in your life today.


We recently added two new blends of sauces and an All Purpose Rub. These new products joined our “Original” blend of BBQ sauce, which set standards with a balanced blend of tomato, vinegar, mustard along with assorted spices culminating in a “savory taste” which pleases the palate of even the most sophisticated and discriminating taste buds.

Our newest product is called “Toucha Heat”. It is our “Original Blend” of BBQ sauce with just enough of Cayenne pepper added to produce moderate heat while still retaining the flavor of the “original” sauce. This new blend has developed an immediate following, so if you like the “Original Blend” but want a little “getup” then this is the ticket!

Our much anticipated “mustard blend”, “1849 Gold” was recently introduced to the market and has rocketed to become our top seller! Former Jacksonville Jaguar Jeff Lageman recently included our 1849 Gold blend in his “KirbyCo Cooking Tip of the Week” on his Outdoors Show radio broadcast stating that “this is my favorite sauce”.

Another new addition to the line up is our “All Purpose Rub”. After taking feedback from hundreds of customers during numerous sampling sessions we produced just exactly what you asked us for, the best all purpose rub on the market. The production manager at the manufacturer told us “it is the best rub he has ever tasted”…..and he had made thousands of rubs over the years.  

Our philosophy is “if it doesn’t rock, it doesn’t roll”. So rest assured, these products are the best tasting on the market. But don’t take our word on it, pick some up and if your not happy, we will refund your order.



The “Boss of all Sauce” is currently being sold by grocery stores, retail shops, meat markets, country stores, garden stores, pool supply companies and hardware stores. In addition, several restaurants and competition cooking teams are using our products. If you own a similar type business and would like to offer your customers the “Boss of All Sauce”, please contact me at  




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