“The Boss of all Sauce” receives yet another raving review this time from Leigh Cort, President of The Woman’s Food Alliance, a renown Travel and Food Publicist and Host of Moveable Feast…Radio NPR.

TASTE is such a personal selection. And when it comes to BBQ there are more options than probably any other “food group”! Today I tasted my first spoon of Southern Ruckus BBQ and I am raving! No chicken, no ribs, no brisket, NOTHING but delish. Not too much pepper, not too much vinegar or sugar or salt or tomato. Thank you for reminding me how much of a ruckus good food creates!

Following are some of the “reviews” posted online by our customers:

Anthony B. reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces March 12, 2018— 5 star

Simply delicious, use it either as a finishing sauce or a glaze. Carmelizes beautifully when used as a glaze. Taste amazing. Can’t get enough!

Aly H. reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces February 2, 2018

I just wanted to tell you that I recently used your BBQ sauce on pulled chicken and it was AMAZING! I food prep so I made it for the whole week and it tasted as good on day 5 as it did on day 1, It was a great combination of zesty and sweet and I will definitely be using it again. I used it for crock pot chicken and served it with sweet potatoes and broccoli for the week. It was soooo delicious. I’m using it again this upcoming week!!!! I’ve always been a fan of sweet baby rays but I think y’all stole my heart away from it. Thank you so so much! I look forward to purchasing from you. I also have family back home who do a lot of bbq that will love it so I’ve been spreading the word.   

Kyle D. reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces — 5 star February 21
 Amazing sauce can’t wait to try the future products!
Brandon S.  reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces — 5 star  January 13

Got a bottle of this the other day from Justin. I work with his brother on the fire department. Gotta be honest.. some of the best sauce I’ve had in a long time. The perfect balance of mustard and vinegar. We will be customers for a long time! #familyowned#supportsmallbusiness

Karen W.  reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces — 5 star January 27 at 7:07pm

Picked this up in Lake City Fl. Was excited to try. It was super yummy! Will continue to purchase this moving forward. Wow who ever developed this sauce did an EXCELLENT JOB.

Trina P. reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces — 5 star January 10

Used it on pork chops with beer and onions was great!

 Bob G. reviewed Southern Ruckus Sauces — 5 star December 12, 2017